Oh To Be 5 Years Old…

I think 5 year olds are some of the funniest people out there. At least a certain 5 year old in our household. He is very matter of fact about things and I often find myself telling myself not to crack up at the latest thing that he is telling me but sometimes he is so funny, which he is trying to be so serious, which makes it all that much more funny.
Recently Caedmon was talking with my mom about how much he loves his ballet teacher and how she teachers him all sorts of stuff and that she is a good ballet teacher. He then said “And she even smells good.” My mom then asked him what Miss Summer smelled like, to which he replied full of confidence and proud “Tap Shoes”. Needless to say when I told Miss Summer of this conversation before class last week she was not too impressed to know that she smells like tap shoes, but I guess to a little 5 year old boy they smell really good.

He lost one of his front teeth the other day

During homeschool last week Caedmon was suppose to dictate a story to Clint about a vet and the interesting animals that the vet takes care of and what a day being that vet would be like. Clint ended up typing out the whole conversation because it was so funny. Check it out below-

So in case you ever need your shark taken care of, Caedmon the vet is the person to go to. But only if you have a blue hat.

I was driving in the van with Caedmon the other day and as I’ve mentioned before we recently got two kittens. Caedmon is totally enamored with his kitten who he has named Lamby. Lamby is the name of his stuffed Lamb that he adores and you may recall he has a habit of naming things after his stuffed animal, we had a chicken named Lamby and also one of the barn cats was named Lamby. Caedmon was telling me about Lamby as we were driving and told me that “Lamby even knows my name Mommy.” To which I replied, “Oh?” And then he answered, “Yes, Lamby says me-ow, which is Caed-mon”. He also then proceeded to tell me that when Lamby scratched him the kitten then said “sorry” and rubbed his paw on Caedmon to show that he was sorry. It was all I could do to keep a straight face and semi-normal speech.

Once a week he attends an all day homeschool enrichment program with a number of other kids. After I picked him up one day and he was telling me all about his day, including that they learned about how to handle fire drills “if the sirens are going off you just stop drop and roll mommy, so that no one in the room is running around yelling “fire.”” He then added “and if there is a tornado then we line up at the door and go outside to the parking lot because it’s safe out there”. Somehow I think he got his safety messages a little messed up. And it was all I could do to keep from bursting out laughing at that point when I changed the subject and asked how his day was and what he did at recess. He then answered, “Mommy, I don’t get it, all the 1st grade girls do is just sit there and give their baby dolls food. And it’s not even real food. We play laser chase, but not the girls, they just sit there feeding their dolls, I have no idea why, laser chase is way funnier then feeding the dolls.”

He has strong aspirations for what he wants to be when he grows up, with valid reasons for each. He wants to be a roof worker, because they work out in the sun and get hot so they get to eat lots of popsicles. He also wants to be a “shot worker”, aka nurse, because the shot worker gives people shots (“and mommy getting a shot doesn’t even hurt, its not a big deal”) because shot workers get to give out tweetie bird band-aides after they give the shot. And finally he also wants to be a ballet teacher, but he won’t teach Miss Summer because she already knows everything. Throw in being a policeman and or a firefighter on the side as well. 

He keeps us cracking up and smiling many times throughout the day.