Coppélia-6 Months Home!

Coppélia has been home 6 months. It was a super windy day on Saturday so I took her 6 month photo on her bedroom inside out of the wind. Surrounded by her butterflies. And just in case you are wondering the bow lasted all of about 5 minutes in her hair.
She is starting to say a lot of words. And have lots of sass. She has fully embraced being two and throwing tantrums when things don’t go her way. She and Paxton actually have this part of being two down to a science. The other three were not this sassy or opinionated at this age. I sometimes wonder what all she would say to us if she had the words.

Speaking of words she is talking a lot more. For the most part single word phrases but that is miles ahead of where she was before. She did say “Cherrios please” the other day so I guess we can count that as her first sentence. She will still use some signs and when all else fails screech at the top of her lungs to get what she wants. That tends to not work but she hasn’t totally figured that out yet.

She has passed physical therapy which she has been doing since late June. She is caught up and much more stable both with her gross and fine motor skills. I have been amazed at how fast she progressed. I think that it totally helps that she has a few big brothers to chase around and keep up with.

Eating is by far her favorite thing. She also really enjoys coloring and painting and all things crafty. If she can do it herself of course because she is 2 after all. She is definitely drawn to pretty and sparkly things, although she will carry around a toy car and play with the boys just fine. 

She prefers daddy lately. In fact she’s almost done a 180 since coming home as far as how she views Clint and I, but I am working on ways to connect and attach with her and help her know that she does not have to only be cared for by him. 

The time has gone fast, these past 6 months, but she has grown in leaps and bounds and even through the tantrums and sass that accompanies being 2 we are beginning to see more and more of her personality and the little lady that she is going to become. So thankful that we get to spend our days as her family.