Fall 2017

We’ve had a fun Fall. The weather has been overall good…as I type this it is cold and windy and semi-snowy outside today, but all in all we have had a really nice fall. We have taken full advantage of it as well with a trip to the pumpkin patch, jumping in the leaves, and decorating our pumpkins. I have to admit I was not too excited about doing pumpkins this year…I don’t know sharp objects, pumpkin mess everywhere, endless clean up…it just didn’t appeal to me this year. And so we actually just used markers and glue and glitter and did our pumpkins that way. I know glitter makes a huge mess but because mommy was the only one allowed to touch the glitter the mess was minimized. So here are some shots of our fall…. 

Actually mostly looking at the camera!
Corn maze
Follow the leader
So proud of his pumpkin
heavy pumpkin!
Climbing up!
Playing on the train
Happy girl!
Impossible to get all 5 at the same time
Barrel riding
Love that smile!
Pedaling hard
We got to fly kites
Playing together
Too much fun
Jumping in
Fun for all
exploring the leaves
Fun in the leaves
Gorgeous fall day
Playing with chalk in the beautiful weather
Having fun!
Much less mess
Busy at work
concentrating on his pumpkin
Busy decorating (before she stuck the marker in her mouth)