Edric-2 Years Home!

On Saturday September 23rd we celebrated Edric being home 2 years. Because of my work schedule we decided to celebrate on the 24th. When I asked Edric about a month ago what he wanted to have for dinner to celebrate his family day he told me “chocolate pie.” I asked him what he wanted besides chocolate pie, he told me “broccoli, green lettuce salad, cookies, ice cream and brownies.” And while that sounds like an amazing dinner menu I ended up modifying it just a tad to include hot dogs and hamburgers and dropped the cookies, ice cream and brownies.

It is hard to remember what life was like before Edric joined us. He came to us quiet and withdrawn and shy and has been anything since joining our family. This is the same little boy who as we walk through the parking lot somewhere he yells out to whoever he sees “Hi, what’s your name?” To which the person often answers and then he yells “Hi _____”. If it is a construction worker or someone wearing a cowboy hat or anything like that he will add “Hi workerman or farm man” before asking their name. He is hardly ever still and quiet would definitely not be a word that I use to describe him now.

We have learned more and tried more and failed more in parenting with Edric then we have with the others at least so far. There have been far more prayers asking for help and guidance and strength and patience and love to shine through. And I feel like we have made far more mistakes and missteps with him then we did with the first two. But we are learning, we are figuring out his personality and ways to help with his over stimulation and how to help him learn and grow and navigate this world.

We have had a number of laughs and smiles over the past two years and we have made some sweet memories and we are thankful for each day that we get to spend with him and that he is a part of our family! Happy Family Day Edric JoonSoo!