Paxton-6 Months Home (and a few days)….

Paxton has been home for 6 months as of last Monday! It took me a few extra days to get his photo taken because life happens and I always remembered at the wrong time. But we got the photo and are celebrating that he has been with us 1/2 a year!

I think I’ve said it before but Paxton loves all things trucks/cars/tractors related. He loves to start his day with a little truck in his hand and I have to pry it out of his hand every night before bed. When we went on a little hike a last week partway around the lake I discovered that he had a little car tucked in his hand and he would stop and drive it along the road as we went. All the boys have loved cars but he LOVES them. It cracks me up, but it keeps him happy.

He is fully 2 years old and likes to do things by himself most of the time and also believes that he can climb anything and do anything that the bigger boys do. And despite just being a little peanut he is strong and can climb just about anything with out even thinking twice. (does make mommy’s heart jump a little every now and then though). He also does not like to be told no and has perfected throwing a fit quite well.

climbing up!
no fear

He is generally happy and bed time has become a slight battle and he doesn’t like to stay in his bed and tries to get out, but we are working through that. He loves his blankie and also is quite a snuggler. He talks and sings a ton and just makes all of us smile often. It has been a crazy 6 months but we are so glad he is in our lives and we get to be a family!