A Chair And Stitches…

Because all good scars need a good story to go behind them right? At least that’s what I tell my patients when I’m sewing them up that they need a really good story to go along with whatever their injury is.

I’m not so sure Caedmon has the greatest story to go along with his latest scar…we may need to work on that in the next few days. Probably include a few rabid alligators and ninjas to make the story a little more interesting. At least make him sound more heroic.

It all started with an awesome chair that Clint made. He’s been working on it the past few days with help from the kids. Or maybe he’s made it despite the “help” from the kids. Anyway during nap time today he finished it up. I was checking it out for the first time and the littles were fighting over who got to sit on my lap. Caedmon was wearing the hood to the dinosaur costume and decided that we should take a photo with all the kids. Leighton ran to find Edric who was riding his bike in the driveway.

The chair Clint made…

Somewhere in the midst of that, Caedmon tried to get from one side of the chair to the other and tripped over my feet and went flying across the garage floor. Actually 3 rabid alligators crawled out from under the chair and in attempt to protect his siblings and myself Caedmon turned into a ninja and hand battled each alligator sustaining only a small laceration to the bottom of his chin….yeah something like that.

Anyway it became clear that we would be heading to the ER a couple hours early for my night shift to get Caedmon sewed up. Clint loaded kids in the van while I comforted Caedmon and then we quickly threw a bag together for my night shift and grabbed keys and shoes for everyone. While we were busy getting everyone buckled in, Leighton ran upstairs and made a sweet card for Caedmon…

Letter from Leighton to Caedmon. Also never to go the ER without your favorite blankie and stuffed lamby

I called ahead to the ER to let them know that we were coming and I just needed to borrow a room for a bit to sew him up…there are some advantages to being an ER doctor. Clint took the other kids to pick up some dinner and play at the park while I took Caedmon in and numbed and then sewed his chin. He had a few tears, but all in all he did great and held still so mommy could sew him up. I was totally in my street clothes and not at all dressed in work clothes (my shorts were in fact soaking wet because in the midst of everything Edric had spilled an entire cup of water all over my lap), and so I’m hoping I didn’t throw off any other patients that were in the ER as I was pulling up lidocaine and pulling out supplies from the suture cart in the hallway…

A few tears but cartoons and stickers helped a lot while mommy sewed

8 stitches later he was as good as new. We even got to see an ambulance dropping a patient off as we were walking out and 2 police cars in the parking lot. Total bonus points for little boys going to the ER (not to mention the superman, ninja turtle, and Cars stickers). I took him to the park to meet Clint and the other kiddos who had dinner waiting and then I gave everyone hugs and headed in to my night shift. You know, just a normal day around here. With a few rapid alligators thrown in…

As good as new!

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