Saturday morning found 5 of the 7 of us running through obstacles and over and under all sorts of things and getting muddy and wet and covered in bubbles in the process. The other 2 served as the cheer squad….kind of.

Pre-Race photo
They enjoyed being cheerleaders….really

I had found a kids obstacle race a number of weeks back and signed Leighton up for the older kids race which was 2 miles or 2 laps around the course and then Edric and Caedmon up for the 1 mile/1 lap course. The each got to take a buddy with them, so I raced with Leighton in the earlier race and then Clint went with Caedmon and Edric in the later race. We all had fun, luckily I was the only one who ended up with bloody knees….I managed to scrape them while I was climbing over the wooden fence obstacle, but it was on the first lap so I grabbed some baby wipes from Clint before starting the second lap with Leighton. Since I was bleeding I skipped the slip-n-slide on the first lap but decided to go all in the second lap. I took a running leap face first down the slip-n-slide and shot straight out the bottom and then belly flopped into the pile of mud/water/bubbles at the bottom of the slide. I had mud everywhere at that point. 

Leighton and I post race

We all had fun. In between the races we met up with some friends who live near where the race was and we caught up and let all the kids play on the playground. During Clint’s run I put the two littles in the stroller and ran alongside them during the first few obstacles. I was a little dissappointed in Clint…he did not crawl under the hanging pool noodles and he chose to just help Edric jump with the potato sacks instead of jumping himself. Clearly he thought this was a kids race and that didn’t include him….

Starting off
Tunnel of noodles
Sack races, Leighton giving directions along the way
Slip-n-slide at the end….
Finished! And Ice Cream to celebrate with!

It was a great day, lots of fun and many laughs by all. 

It’s hard work being the cheerleaders…