Um so what’s more fun than 1 2-year-old? How about 2 of them? And actually we still have 3 weeks till Coppelia is fully 2….she’s just trying it on for size right now I think. 
One night recently Paxton went to bed sweet and easy going and then woke up the next morning with very strong opinions….ABOUT EVERYTHING. And to go with his opinions he developed the ability to throw himself backwards and cry and scream and kick his feet. And these tend to not be life shattering opinions….its usually over the fact that he got Graham Crackers AND apples for snack. And he happens to not want apples with his cracker at snack time. Good news is that everyone in our neighborhood also now knows that he doesn’t want apples as well. Tomorrow though? He probably will….and if we happen to mess that up (because our toddler mind reading abilities are slightly off)….well everyone is going to know his opinion on that as well.

Pure devastation because I won’t let him play/eat the chapstick

Coppelia screaming and throwing fits is just her status quo, she somehow has figured out the ability to sneak and try and get things that she knows she shouldn’t or do things that she knows she shouldn’t….you know like climb on the dining room table and swing from the overhead hanging light. She literally will get down on all 4s and crawl around behind us to try and sneak to do something. Luckily we are a bit smarter than our almost 2 year old ninja and have figured out what she is doing long before she thinks we do. It’s more a matter of trying not to burst out laughing most of the time. 

I also won’t let her eat/play with chapstick

And then to add to the excitement of the day (because lamp swinging and screaming toddlers aren’t quite exciting enough) they have figured out how to work together. They have recently discovered that the refrigerator has an ice dispenser and a water dispenser and therefore they are thirsty ALL THE TIME and need water at every moment and if you don’t give it to them… please see above paragraph about the way they handle strong opinions. I have learned to put the little kitchen step stool up high so that they can’t reach the fridge….Somehow, and I’m not sure yet how, while I was in the bathroom literally steps away from the kitchen for a few quick moments they somehow both figured out how to get ice despite not being able to reach it….I’m not sure if one crawled on top of the other, or what, but I came out to a kitchen with ice cubes everywhere. 

When it gets too quiet then it is time to go hunting and figure out where they escaped too…

I just laugh. This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as what a typical day looks like for us, but I know these times will go fast, while the days seem long (trust me I sleep very well at night), this time is short and pretty soon they will grow out of this stage and enter the every so fun 3s…and then I’m told before long I’ll blink and they will all be graduating and moving on. And so I laugh and giggle with and at them, and scoop them up and tickle them and hug them. They won’t always want to play “mommy chase me” (and pretty soon they won’t be as easy to catch either), and so I’ll soak in these crazy moments, even if it means I crash exhausted on the couch every night at 8.