Paxton’s 12th Package

I’m really hoping I went to the post office for the last time this past weekend to mail a package off to a traveling family. All in all this makes a total of 35….20 for Edric while we were waiting (17 gallon size packages, a Christmas and 2 birthday packages), 13 for Paxton (12 gallon size ones and his 1st birthday package), and 2 for Coppelia (birthday and winter, her agency doesn’t allow many packages so I stuffed boxes to overflowing for her).

It is probably good that I’m almost done (or maybe done sending packages). I have run out of ideas. I have sent all sorts of things and feel a little worried that my last few to Paxton haven’t been as grand as they were when I first started with Edric. But I have to remember that I really don’t think the two of them are going to sit around one day and actually compare what they got in a package when they were 10 months old. (Besides if they want to know I’ve got it all typed out on this blog). It’s been good on my mom guilt to remember that. And while I’m sure they enjoy the packages and I want to hope that the photos that I’ve sent have helped and the other stuff has been good, really I think a big part of this has been for my own self to help with the wait each month.

I’ve gotten to know families all across the nation and a couple just up the road through sending the packages as well, which has been neat to be a part of and participate in others stories.

And so with that, we come to what I hope is our last package to Paxton. Some soap and a blue dinosaur. These two things actually took up quite a bit of room in the gallon bag and so I had to creatively close the bag with duct tape.


Of course these blocks didn’t help the package stay nice a neat either. I sent a couple in an earlier package and thought I had sent the rest in this one until I got home and found the #8 block sitting on my counter top. Oops. Or well, Paxton sweetie, you are going to have to come home and then you’ll have a complete set.


This truck didn’t exactly make itself easy to pack either, so I guess it was meant to be a taped together gallon baggie this go around.


And there you have it, all together as package #12.