Dear Paxton and Coppelia…..

Hey Little Ones,
Just wanted you to know that we are getting ready for you. 2 car seats arrived this week thanks to the UPS guy. He also brought your new diaper bag (trust me, the one your brothers all used was shot, it’s brown with pink accents, sorry Paxton, I’m not a fan of pink either and I’m a girl, but that color was 1/2 price on Amazon so that’s the one I chose) Two booster seats have been washed and scrubbed after finding them at a second hand sale and are ready for you to make messy all over again. Your sheets are washed and folded. We ordered a second front/back carrier a few months ago and it is ready and waiting. And don’t even mention clothes….Paxton you have 3 big brothers to thank, but there’s also some new stuff folded and waiting for you on your side of the closet. And Coppelia, mommy has hit up the second hand sales and gotten some hand-me-downs and bought a few things along the way. Let’s just say that you are more than set.

Edric has been practicing being a big brother too….Or at least to his panda bear “Old McDonald E-I-E-I-O”. The boys pray for you guys each night and ask “please help the adoption go fast”. We are all praying for that!

Big Brother Training....
Big Brother Training….

I know while we anxiously await to bring you two home, your lives are about to change in some major ways and you likely don’t understand or have any idea what is coming. I am sorry. I know the first few days, weeks, and months are going to be really hard. You both have had some amazing foster families who have loved and held and comforted you while we have been miles away. This is going to be hard. No way around it. And it may be something you think on and sort through your whole lives, and that’s ok, daddy and I are here to walk with you through those tough times and soul searching times and if we don’t know the answer then we will help you find it.

Mommy and Daddy love you two (and so do your three big brothers). Praying for you and missing you with each day.

See you both soon!