Living In The Unknown…

Alright so I’m a little over this. Lots of unknowns this past year…and it seems that we’ve gone from one to another to another. And in multiple areas of life. From work with opening the urgent/emergent center and having no idea how that was going to look (with me being in charge of it on top of it all), to hiring enough people to help staff the new site, to our hospital joining a large corporation and many specialists leaving or changing, to our small group ultimately deciding to join a large national group because we need protection as a small group and also the ability to make benefits work and such, but we are two months in to this and none of us know really how much we are getting paid….which makes it all the more interesting in figuring a budget.

To the adoption stuff. Adoption is nothing but a bunch of unknowns on top of unknowns, but then add in two adoptions with two different agencies it has been unreal. First it was months of not knowing if the other agency would even let us proceed, then waiting for Exit Permission approvals and not knowing if they would both be approved, to now waiting for court dates and not knowing how or if they will line up and how we’ll figure travel and all of that out. Let alone the whole part of bringing them home and figuring out what our new normal will look like.
Throw in house and moving decisions, trying to figure out speech therapy options and best choices for Edric, if we are doing the right thing with homeschooling, and just the day to day stuff.

I have to really stop myself often (sometimes every minute) and remind myself that while there’s a lot that I don’t know I do follow a God who has a bigger plan and holds all of it in His hand. But man, lately that has been real tough. One step and one day at a time.