Oh To Be 4 1/2….

Caedmon, you are one fun little boy right now. I love your logic and outlook on life and how you just brighten days. The world is beginning to open up to you as you are discovering how to read and I am exicited for you with that. You are sweet beyond sweet and care deeply for everyone around you. Your imagination is active and it is so much fun to hear you play.

The other day you told me that you have decided that when you want to grow up you want to be a worker-man. And by that you mean you want to work on roofs and put shingles on. When I asked you why you want to do that, you said “because they get to be on the roof and use hammers and it is hot and so afterwards they get to eat popsicles and I like popsicles.” You have even gone so far as to ask for a hammer and shingles for your birthday in a few months so that you can practice being a worker-man.

You were such a trooper when you broke your leg. It was a long 6 ½ weeks in a cast and then another long 4 weeks until you were cleared for activities. And yet you took it like a champ. You scooted on your little scooter around and crawled when necessary. You even insisted on figuring out how to still go to your ballet and tap class because you wanted to learn the Christmas dance. So there you were cast, scooter and all preforming for all the moms your little tap dance. And now that you are out of your cast nothing is slowing you down. I love that you love to dance.

rocking the ballet shoes and fire truck shirt….

I love your innocence. The other night we found some superman pjs that Leighton use to wear when he was your size and they come with a cape that attaches to the back. When I was putting the cape on, you looked at me with total seriousness and asked if you would be able to fly now since you have a cape. I had to tell you that unfortunately it was not a flying cape, and you asked how come Super Man can fly with his cape. I didn’t have a very good answer. And last night as I checked on you before I went to bed I had to giggle at you laying in your bed with your cowboy hat partway on your head.

Anyway sweet boy, I just want to bottle up your sweetness and energy and innocence and imagination right now. Please don’t grow up too fast. Know that mommy loves you and I love watching who you are becoming.