An Exit….

Actually an Exit Permission. Or Emmigration Permission if you want to be exact, but Exit is so much easier to stay and people at least have some idea of what I’m talking about. But yes, we learned today that Paxton’s Exit Permission was approved by the Korean government on November 8th. One more step in this crazy process. It is crazy to think that on the little worksheet we are only at step 3….seriously after 7 months that’s as far as we’ve made it. Good news is is that likely over the next 2-3 months we will blow through steps 4-11.

And really that’s what we need to do. The next step is court submission, but in discussion with our agency, the Korean agency that is in charge of Paxton is going to hang on to our file with them until Coppelia’s file is also approved and then hopefully submit both to court together. The rest of the families that we got approved with are going to move ahead and get court submitted likely early next week.

The sticky parts come in with Paxton and Coppelia being with different agencies in Korea and traditionally those two agencies don’t talk to each other. Actually the three adoption agencies don’t talk or interact much together at all, which is really sad since all are working towards the same goels. Both agencies are afraid that the judge will deny both adoptions though and so they are being very cautious on top of everything.

But for today we are going to celebrate one more step, one more victory and knowing that Paxton is one more day closer to being home. We got to watch a video of him last evening because our US agency recently traveled there which as hard as it is to see him getting older and older, it was also an encouragement and so great to see his foster family dote and love on him so much.

And so keep praying, pray that the two agencies will work together, pray for grace from the judge as we move forward. Pray for one court date for both. And pray for the many families still waiting for news.

Thank you.