And Now What?

As I woke up this morning and learned officially what seemed evident when we went to sleep late last night after hours of TV coverage I was still kind of in shock and deeply saddened. And I think I held Edric just a little closer and for a little longer during his morning hug when I woke him up. And I wondered quietly what so many other parents wondered, “how do I tell my kids and how do I help them understand all of this?”

As part of our school today Leighton finished filling in his electoral map and then he added up the numbers for each. He’s 7 and there’s not much he knows about the election but over the past week Clint and I have been talking with the boys about what is going on and about the different candidates. We talked openly about the lies of Clinton and the mean things that Trump has said and why mommy and daddy chose to vote for neither but instead found someone who stood for and represented our thoughts and ideals. I knew no matter the outcome, it was not going to be something I agreed with. As he added up the numbers and realized that Trump won, he got tears in his eyes and hugged me very close saying he was scared for girls and for Edric. As I held him close I told him that mommy and daddy would protect Edric, and Paxton and Coppelia when they come home, and we won’t let anyone take them away or hurt them because their skin is a different color. These are the tears that a 7 year old should be shedding and these are the worries that mommies and daddies should be having. A fellow adoptive mom shared how she was writing a note to go in her son’s file in Seoul to his birth mom and trying to sort through how she has the trust of birth mom to provide a better home/future/life for her son, and yet our country has decided on this. 

Leighton and I talked a lot then, and then tonight at dinner we all talked about how we are to stand up for those that are being hurt and oppressed even if no one else is. I told Leighton and Caedmon that as they grow up they will be responsible for standing up for those that are oppressed, that different doesn’t mean bad or wrong. I told them that even if we don’t agree or like someone in office we are still called to pray for them, and while I’m having to swallow hard and do just that as I instruct my boys to do. I told Edric that we will always stand by and protect him no matter what happens. I told all the boys that ultimately God is still in control and while it may mean that we have some very hard times and bad times in the days and months to come, we are to be His light and His love for all people. 

And so we seek to love and care for each person we meet, no matter the road they traveled to where they are at, and as I work to be an example of that to my boys I pray that they will all learn to do the same.