Waving The White Flag….

OK, I’m done. Waving the white flag. Over here. Done. Week you have won. I don’t even think I want a do-over. Just ready to pack it up and send it on it’s way. Done. Done. Done.

So as you can probably guess it’s been a rough week around here. As my prior blog post talked about with Caedmon’s teeth (which are still loose and by best guess per the dentist they will likely fall out sometime….which is just awesome after we have just finished a year of speech therapy). And then Caedmon’s left leg fracture. 6 weeks in a cast and 6 weeks of non-weight bearing. Caedmon is usually our easy going, happy, go with the flow kiddo. Rarely an attitude, rarely an issue, just sweet and easy. Not so this week. It’s been a battle just about every minute of every day. Tears, screams, more tears, more screams all week long. ALL WEEK LONG. I ordered a scooter for him to put his leg on to get around. It was over an hour long battle with him to move 6 inches on it, and then Clint and Leighton came home from gymnastics and he took off down the hall on it without a blink. He refused to use it at preschool today and had the teachers carry him everywhere. When I went to pick him up he refused to use it so I got to put him on my back, carry his bag and scooter, reign Edric in and make it to the bathroom to brush both of their teeth so we could go to the dentist. And then, no even a blink and he scooted himself out to the car without a problem. 

And it would be one thing if it was just Caedmon. But that would be too easy right? Instead at work we went to a new hospital wide computer system Sunday morning which has effectively just made everyone super crabby. I became the go to person for our doctor group so a portion of that crabbiness and frustration has been directed at me. Which is just great. And everyone is still just struggling through it, so processes aren’t flowing, things are moving, and it’s just a battle with everything to get anything done. 

And then someone has taken hostage my sweet 7 year old and replaced him with a snotty rude whiney 16 year old. Can I just please have my 7 year old back?

Throw in two agencies on the other side of the world who don’t want to talk to each other or work together to allow our two to go to court and come home at the same time. At this point we have been waiting 14 weeks for Paxton’s Exit Approval and 8 weeks for Coppelia’s Exit Approval….the average before the summer for Exit Approvals had been 60 days….we are well over that and quickly approaching it with the other. I think anyone going through an international adoption should be given a free pass from anything else going on at the time. 

And while these are just the big things, there are a number of small things going on as well. And I know all theses things are minor and insignificant in the it world of things that many face all over the world. I have shelter, food, safety, family that loves me and freedoms that women all over the world will never know. And I know it makes all my struggles look insignificant and petty, but honestly this is where I’m at. I know God is in charge and overseeing everything even weeks like this, but I think He understands when we are done.

And so I’m done. Here on Friday afternoon I’m throwing in the towel and saying “you win”. No do-overs, no second chances, just ready to send this week out the door and hope that the door doesn’t hit it on its way out. Actually I wouldn’t mind if it did. Waving the white flag. I’m wearing my shirt that says “If found on the ground please drag over the finish line”. I got it for my Imogene Pass Run, but today, with this week, I’m thinking I’ve been on the ground since at least Wednesday. Ready to be drug over the finish line.