Intro To Prayer Week for our Adoptions

Every time we sit down to a meal or at bedtime and I ask who wants to pray Edric immediately pipes up and says “Paxton home soon, Ppelia home soon” his pronounciation is a little off still, but it warms my heart. Those two little ones are prayed for many times a day by their big brother. While he may not fully understand the implications of his prayer and all that is about to shake our little family, he faithfully prays each and every day (often many times a day). It is sweet, but it also serves as a reminder to myself that I should and need to do more of that and less time planning and worrying about all of it in my head. And so we are going to spend this next week with some focused prayer time for each one of our children, ourselves, the process, and ultimately that Paxton and Coppelia will be home soon. Please join us, I’ll post a new item to lift up each day.