Week of Prayer Day 1

Today we ask that you pray for Paxton KaOn. KaOn was the name given to him by his birth mother and means “at the center of”. We chose Paxton as his first name, which means peace. We couldn’t think of something much better to be at the center of his life other than peace. And so we ask that you pray for peace for this little one as everything he has ever known is going to be changed as he joins our family. Pray for peace for his sweet foster family that have had him since he was just 3 months old and watch and celebrated so many of his firsts and have loved and poured into him. He has two foster sisters that are in their late teens and in the video we got of him in June they talked about how much they love him and love playing with him and how much he adores and tries to be just like them. Please pray for Paxton as he prepares to come home.