And Some Days Are Just Tough…

There’s no way around it. Some days are just hard. Exhaustion sets in, emotions run high, and things just kind of fall apart. No one said that bringing a 2 year old into a family was easy at all and throw in a language and cultural barrier and it just gets harder. And honestly I don’t know how to help him not scratch or pinch, how to not hit his brothers, how to teach him what “come here” means, and how to help him sleep at night. And that just scratches the surface.

Each day is a new day though and no matter the mistakes and frustrations from the day before we get a chance to try again and maybe take a few more steps in the right direction. And the reminder that we are only a week in, and already strides have been made. He is in a new scary vulnerable place and so are we. We knew for 2 years that this was going to be hard, but knowing it and living it are often two different things.

And so with lots or prayers we start a new day. Remembering the good that has been and preparing for the struggles that will come. Thankful that it is not on my strength alone that I depend.

We did have fun at the pool!
We did have fun at the pool!