And Now We Have Fred….

Because you know, bringing home one new being to live in our house and join our family in a week isn’t enough we’ve added a second one. Luckily Fred is just a praying mantis, and after his little trip to preschool tomorrow morning he will be released to the flowers in the front yard (front yard because the chickens will eat him if he’s in the backyard and we want him to live).

Meet Fred the Praying Mantis (not to be confused with the other Freds)
Meet Fred the Praying Mantis (not to be confused with the other Freds)

Actually if Caedmon had had his way today, Fred the praying mantis would have been joined by Fred the beetle (that he put in the back of his bike on our walk and brought him all the way home), and by Fred and Fred the two crickets we found in our garage this evening. And if you count Fred the rolly poly we found yesterday that would have put us at 5 new creatures living on my kitchen counter. Notice a theme? Caedmon is a bug boy.

He’s also obsessed with “worker men” as he calls them. Anyone who wears “grandpa boots” and works with tools. In fact he has an imaginary friend named Mr Ipe who is a worker man. Luckily Mr Ipe doesn’t have to live on my kitchen counter. And if he does decide to take up residence on the counter, I don’t really notice him and his presence is only noted by a certain 3 year old wearing his own “grandpa boots”.

In other news (because we’ve had a few other things going on in our lives besides bugs and imaginary friends), we are hanging in there. Nights are rough and there are still tears and it’s hard to connect with a little one who doesn’t speak the same language and who is going through his own grief and trying to figure out this new world that he has been plopped down in to. However we did learn today that he has no fear at parks or playgrounds. He and Omma clearly visited parks in Seoul and he can climb. His small size did not deter him one bit and I think it may be only a matter of time before he will be yielding a cast. And I don’t think that’s the ER doctor in me, I think that’s the mom in me speaking. Good thing we know a good ER…

And this is one of the more tame things, I was too busy running and praying he wouldn’t fall to get photos of the others

And so one day at a time and sometimes one moment is how we go. Usually picking up bugs along the way