Planting Day

So I cheated with my planting. I planted my plants on the 16th instead of today on the 17th. Oops. Actually it was a matter of I work on the 17th and it was gorgeous outside and so after church I had some “helpers” and I planted my seeds. One of my helpers had a break down and had to go take a nap in the midst of the planting. Sometimes it’s rough being almost 2.


I planted 18 tomatoes (2 varieties), 9 broccoli, 9 watermelon, and 9 cantaloup. The melons don’t usually do a good job transplanting, but I try every year and a few end up making it. I placed them in their containers and sprayed them with some water and we’ll let the sun and water do their work. I’ll probably have to do a second planting in a few weeks when we see how many actually come up, but it’s a good start.

IMG_7874  IMG_7878  IMG_7883  IMG_7885  IMG_7892   IMG_7893  IMG_7895  IMG_7931

And my I might actually get my first spring blooms this week, my daffodils are  doing well and beginning to tease me with maybe having a bloom.