Gardening 101 Week 23

Good news. There were no plants murdered this week at our house. I kept my husband and his hoe out of my garden and away from my plants. He instead got to build a screen door for the preschool. Wasn’t he lucky? But we finally had enough tomatoes to make our first batch of salsa. […]


Gardening 101 Week 21

We have our first ripe tomatoes. Only 3 so far, but a bunch that are ready to ripen this week. I am getting excited about making salsa and pasta sauce. I’m not so sure my husband is ready to spend out evenings cutting and dicing. I keep reminding him that it is good time together. […]


Planting Day

So I cheated with my planting. I planted my plants on the 16th instead of today on the 17th. Oops. Actually it was a matter of I work on the 17th and it was gorgeous outside and so after church I had some “helpers” and I planted my seeds. One of my helpers had a […]