Dear Edric #2

Dear Edric-

Hey little guy! How are you doing? The last update said that you are getting to be bigger and bigger and you have two bottom teeth but no top teeth yet. I can tell that you got your first package because you were wearing the little coat that we sent you. I wonder if you are starting to stand up and take your first steps yet.

We turned in all our official paperwork to start the process of meeting you and bringing you home a year ago last week. We celebrated by ordering some pizza and getting some ice cream on Friday night. When you get home we will take you to our favorite ice cream spot here. Both Leighton and Caedmon love ice cream and I have a feeling you will too. I am really hoping that when we celebrate 2 years since turning the paper work in you will be here celebrating with us.

When ever Caedmon sees your picture he says “Baby Edric” and smiles real big. Leighton is already talking about all the things he is going to show you and do with you. I am looking forward to having you come and share in the adventures of planting seeds, playing in the grass and going to the local park. We are planning on going to Yellowstone this summer and at first I was hesitant to make any summer plans because they will all be without you. But don’t worry, Yellowstone is big enough and there is enough stuff there that when you get home and get a little bigger we will take you back so you can see all of it too.

Your first birthday will be here soon. First birthdays are a big deal in Korea and I wish we could see you all dressed up in your han-bok and celebrate with you and eat some of the rice cake with you. I think we are going to celebrate here for you. I think we might go to the zoo and spend the day and get a cake and blow out candles for you. Hopefully we will be celebrating your second birthday here with everyone around the table next year.

It’s hard having you so far away and knowing that you are growing bigger and learning more and more each day and we are not there to create and share those memories with you. We pray for your sweet foster mom and know that she is loving you and caring for you so much. Know that we can’t wait to have you in our arms and running around our yard laughing and giggling with your two big brothers.

Love you sweet boy,