Clothing Optional…

There seems to have been a memo sent around my household sometime in the last week that mentioned that clothing was optional. I did not receive this particular memo and I’m trying to… Continue reading

Changing Leaves

I spent the morning on the preschool field trip to one of the local pumpkin patches. We took a little tour and saw old machinery, sheep, chickens, a donkey and a array of… Continue reading

Dear Little One……

Dear Little One- They told us in our adoption class that grieving was a part of this process. And it comes from many different sources. When we can finally call you ours it… Continue reading


Time is one of those funny things in life and something that we are never satisfied with. There are days that I wish it would go faster and we could bring out little… Continue reading

Nature Walk

A couple of days ago it was beautiful outside and we had already spent most of the morning outside playing when I came up with the idea of doing a craft. I thought… Continue reading

Adoption Update, Oct 2013

We’ve been hanging out at spot #1 waiting for a baby boy referral for 2 months now. I was hoping maybe I’d have a little more to report. I know that since we… Continue reading


I love roses. I love all flowers, but my favorite by far is roses. If I was in charge of the world then I would have cut roses adorning everything, they would be… Continue reading


Don’t worry, this is not a post for or against vaccines. This is not a post about the risks of vaccines. This isn’t even a post about which vaccines are given when. Instead… Continue reading

“Thank you” or “Gracias” or “감사합니다 (kam-sa-ha-mni-da)”

While driving with Leighton earlier today we were talking about how to say “thank you”. His preschool class has been learning basic Spanish. The conversation went a little like this-   “Mommy I… Continue reading

Boys and Bugs

Being a mom, I’m not real sure what the fascination is between boys and bugs. I like to look at lady bugs and I love watching butterflies flitter across my garden and I… Continue reading

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