Easy Summer 2019

So we decided this year to make the summer easy and laid back. Basically the plan is that there is no plan. We have cut almost all activities out and are just playing and laying low. Leighton still has his gymnastics because he is on the team, and Coppelia has speech therapy and she and Paxton are doing a trial of gymnastics classes this summer, but otherwise we aren’t doing much of anything. We don’t have to be anywhere in the morning, we can play outside and laugh and goof off and enjoy our time. We are planning on many evening bike rides, cookouts, running through the sprinkler, hours in the sand box, and curled up with good books to read. We will head to Korea Adoption Camp in a couple of weeks and plan on camping for a week in August. Otherwise we’ll hike, play kickball, swing and just do whatever. The zip line that we got the kids for Christmas will be finished in the next week so we will spend many hours on that as well. I am really excited about this summer and we are already a couple of weeks in and the kids seems to be really enjoying it as well.