Olympic National Park Day 1

A couple of months ago when I got my June schedule and realized I had an extended amount of time off. I told Clint that we could escape somewhere for the weekend and celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. Clint said “you mean the two of us could fly somewhere and go on a trip and not bring a young child home?”. I told him we could actually do that which is something we haven’t really done in years. So we looked around and decided on Olympic National Park because it’s been on my bucket list.

We left super early Friday morning and arrived in Seattle at 8:30AM so we basically had the entire day. We had the option of either driving around or taking the ferry across the sound and since we are landlocked we totally went for the ferry option. We ended up missing the first ferry by mere minutes, but just parked and enjoyed resting and being kid free for a little bit. The ferry was a blast, we drove our car on and then went up to the decks to explore and buy some warm tea. The weather was foggy/rainy/cool but that’s what we had kind of planned on.

After disembarking the ferry on the other end we drove on to Port Angeles which was going to be our hub for the next few days. I had read about Toga’s Soup House and so we headed there for lunch. Clint said he could have eaten every meal there. If you are ever in the area, check it out. We then drove to the Olympic Park Welcome Center with plans to drive up to Hurricane Ridge, but the ranger told us all we’d see would be clouds and more clouds and instead recommended a nearby hike to a waterfall.

We drove to the Storm King Ranger Station on the banks of Lake Crescent. We then hiked Marymere Falls trail which was amazing. The trees were covered in moss, there were ferns everywhere and it was gorgeous. The falls were amazing. We hiked back and walked the shore of the lake a little and then headed to buy some food for the week and check into our Airbnb.

Our Airbnb was super fun. It was located in Port Angeles and it is a tiny house. It was built in 1927 by a sailor in the likeness of a ship. The stairs were unreal and I felt like I was rock climbing to get up or down them (the palm of my hand was longer than the width of the step). We settled in and had a light dinner and crashed early since we had been up since 3:30. I guess I should say I crashed early, I think I was snoring on the couch by 8PM and so Clint called it a day shortly after that.