Happy 4th Birthday Paxton KaOn

Paxton turned 4 on June 10th! We started the day in usual birthday fashion with balloons and streamers up and he opened the presents from Clint and I and from his brothers and sister. We had played at a friend’s house a couple of weeks before and he really liked the Daniel Tiger trolley that our friend Jonathon had. Paxton loves all things with wheels but especially those he can play with. And we have become big fans of Daniel Tiger, so a trolley and all the Daniel Tiger crew was a win win.

He also opened a big box that his foster mom and family from Korea mailed to us. It was full of a number of different Korean snacks, some super cute clothes, and a remote control truck. I don’t know how she knew that he has been asking for a remote control but I know she knows that he loves trucks and all things with wheels. He had a blast playing with it outside in the driveway.

He helped me make his brownies which he loved doing. I think he really loved tasting the batter to make sure it tasted good.

After nap Paxton used facetime with Clint’s parents and opened their gift which was another remote control, the kids set up a course for all the remote controls in the driveway and had fun with that. We had my parents over for dinner that night to not only celebrate Paxton’s birthday but my mom’s as well (15th) and Fathers Day (16th) since we were going to be at Korea Adoption Camp. He got a bug catcher and magnifying glass from my parents which he has proudly carried around everywhere since that time.

He had a great birthday and we had lots of fun. He is such a fun kid and we are so blessed to have him in our lives!