I am a wife, mommy, and ER doctor, sometimes all at once and sometimes one at a time.

Family Trip To The ER

Some families spend Saturday nights playing games, some go to the movies, some invite friends over, some go and watch sporting events together. A couple Saturday nights ago, our whole family took a trip to the ER. The good news is is that we were not there because any of us were hurt or sick. […]


My Boys are Weird

Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys. But the other night Clint and I were washing the dinner dishes when the boys go running through the living room each holding onto one end of an exercise resistance band. Leighton doesn’t have pants on, and Caedmon is carrying the flyswatter. They are laughing and giggling […]


Clothing Optional…

There seems to have been a memo sent around my household sometime in the last week that mentioned that clothing was optional. I did not receive this particular memo and I’m trying to track down its origins. Of note, my husband seemed to have received the opposite memo though, as it’s gotten slightly cooler (ie […]