Dear Edric #3

Dear Sweet Edric,

Spring is beginning to sprout all around us and I am praying that you will be with us this time next year to see and enjoy all the colors and blooms as they explode all around. I have heard from families that are traveling to Seoul right now that the cherry trees are in full bloom there now, so you are getting an eyeful too when you are out with your foster mom.

We got to watch a video of you! Our agency traveled there last month and while they were there you and foster mom came in and we got to see your meeting. Foster mom said that you were up till 3:30 the night before and the time of the meeting was your nap time so you were pretty tired. You did give us a couple of quick smiles though and my heart just soared. Leighton and Caedmon love watching the video of you, Caedmon even cried when it was over the first time. We had to watch it again and then say “Bye bye Baby Edric” at the end. You are loved and missed from miles away. You showed us your new skills of pulling yourself up and standing. It won’t be long till you are cruising around.

Speaking of cruising around, you have two big brothers who are very excited about you. Leighton prays every night “Please, please, please, help the paperwork go really really fast so that Edric can come home really soon”. They (mostly Leighton since he can talk the most), are already making plans about taking baths with you and playing nerf guns and Legos with you. And don’t worry, we will get an extra wheel barrow and set of garden tools for you so that you can dig and make messes in the yard right alongside them.

Your birthday is coming up quick! You are going to be a big one year old on the 30th! I am looking forward to seeing the photos of you all dressed up in your han-bok but I so wish I could be there and celebrate with you. We are going to have a party here for you. We are going to go to the zoo as a family and then probably out to dinner and ice cream. We will sing Happy Birthday and I will probably cry. Hopefully this is the only birthday that we are apart, and next year you will be blowing out candles around our dining room table. I hope you like your birthday gifts that we sent, if only I could wrap up snuggles and kisses and hugs as well.

It’s hard on mommy knowing that I am missing your little smiles, tears, steps, tumbles, snuggles, and giggles, but I know that you are being loved and cared for, and with each day that passes we are one day closer to meeting you and bringing you home. I love you sweet boy!