Awesome…Or Not


There are days, and granted they are few and far between, but they do exist every now and then, where I think “I am awesome, I have this mom stuff down”. Today started out that way. (started out being the key phrase…)

Clint had early morning Bible study and I woke up early, had some good prayer time in bed, and took my time getting up. It was still before 7 and the boys were still sleeping quietly. I had some work posting a job on Craigslist to do for a board that I am on, and it was my first time doing that, and I figured it out without getting mad at the computer and it actually worked the first time. 

From there I got the boys up, changed into their clothes, sunscreen on, and dirty laundry loaded into the washer. I had breakfast going, no tears or raising voices or anything and things were going well. Clint made it home from Bible study on time, we loaded the boys into the double stroller and took off on a long run to take Leighton to preschool. 

The run went great, and we even made it early so we took an extra run around the neighborhood and had run over 4 miles by the time we got to the school. Took Leighton it, talked with the teachers, everything was going super smooth. Chatted with a couple of friends who were dropping off their kiddos and then we started our run back. We were both feeling great so we added a little extra milage and topped out at over 8 miles.

Caedmon was super happy and sang to us most of the run back from his spot in the jogging stroller. We pulled out the plants we needed to plant and went to work on those. We had the plants planted in no time and our yard is really shaping up. 

That was when I ran inside real quick to check on the laundry and grab the keys to go pick up Leighton from preschool. Yeah so despite being awesome all morning I had manage to run the entire load without soap. I discovered this of course not right away but after I had already separated out what was going in the dryer and what I was going to hang up outside. And I had reloaded the next load….

Oh well, missed soap in laundry isn’t really that big of a deal. And honestly its not like anything I did was all that extra-ordinary this AM (although my legs are a bit sore…), but rather it was a good reminder that no matter how smooth or how good things seem to go, I’m going to mess up and make a mistake.

Again and again I am thankful that I know Christ and Him crucified so that no matter what my hope is in Him alone. I am totally fallible, even on my best days, and on the majority of days a complete mess (ie Easter morning yelling at everyone to hurry up so we wouldn’t be late…). While laundry soap and yelling are relatively minor sins (I’m pretty sure the laundry soap doesn’t even qualify as a sin), I struggle with pride and judging on a regular daily basis. It is only through Christ that I have forgiveness and hope for all my mistakes on my awesome days and on my not so awesome days.