Bad Guys, Little Boys, And Teddy Bears

The noise level in our house has been a little louder today. We are having one of Leighton’s little friend from preschool stay the night tonight as his mom is at a conference and dad is having lots of work to do.

It has been a fun afternoon/evening so far. They have been playing great and I’m not sure they have stopped running since they arrived here after preschool ended. There have only been a few times where I’ve overheard things that made my “mom radar” go on. Things like “remember last time when we made a big mess, let’s do that again!” and “I don’t think my mom will like this” and “what if we built a big ramp off the railing all the way to the downstairs”.

I think my favorite moment though was this afternoon when both boys were running through the house with their Nerf guns shooting the bad guys with one hand, and carrying their teddy bears with their other hand. It was just too precious and innocent. I love that they aren’t too big yet for their bears, even though they are busy defending the world from some terrible enemy.

I don’t know how much longer their Teddy Bears will be important to them, or that they will not be ashamed of having/needing one. I know the day will come when Teddy will be left at home, not because he’s not needed anymore but because someone might say something or make fun of Teddy being there. And so I’m going to soak up these moments when Teddy Bears are still just as important as Nerf Guns and still go everywhere with us.

Tonight as we were getting ready to tuck both world defenders in to bed, it was discovered that one of their Teddy Bears was missing and so together they searched the house high and low. Which involved them going up and down the stairs no less than 5 times each talking in anything but “inside voices”. I finally was the one who found Teddy Bear, right out in the open surrounded by Lego firefighters and fire trucks. I brought that upstairs to the two boys all decked out in their PJs telling me that they were dressed as Super Heroes and ready for bed. And so the mighty warriors, aka precious little boys, were all tucked in snuggled up with their Teddy Bears. Sleep well little guys, may you always strive to be brave and strong, but never too prideful to admit your needs.


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