Air Force Gym Meet….

Last weekend Leighton and Paxton participated in the Rocky Mountain Junior Open Gymnastics Meet at the US Air Force Academy. Leighton’s session was on Friday afternoon and so the boys and I headed down. It was very cold all weekend but we had to get photos in front of the plane and helicopter of course. Leighton did really well, he didn’t place real high but made some skills he’s been working hard on and gained some confidence in that. His form was a bit sloppy so he has been working on that a lot since the meet to be ready for his next meet. Friday evening we grabbed some food and then hit the hotel pool which we had to ourselves. It wasn’t very big but we didn’t care. Paxton’s meet was early Saturday morning, we drove through the check point gates at the Academy at 6:35AM and it was very very cold. There was nearly a 1/2 mile walk from where we parked into the gym so we got really good at walking fast. Paxton did really well, he placed in 4 of the 6 events and finished 10th in the All Around. He would’ve finished higher in the All Around if he had remembered and done the right floor routine and not some version that he kind of made up. Floor was their last event they competed in and it’s hard to remember all the steps when you’ve been up early and you are 7. He was still pleased. After the meet we headed to Garden of the Gods and had fun in the visitor’s center. we then me up with my two friends Leah and Annie and braved the cold weather and enjoyed a good hour long walk around Garden of the Gods. When we were good and frozen we headed to a local coffee shop for some hot chocolate to warm up. After a quick bite for dinner the boys and I headed back to the Air Force Academy to watch the Rocky Mountain Open with 6 college teams, Air Force, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arizona, Michigan and Stanford. It was an amazing meet and the boys loved seeing the college guys do some amazing gymnastics, and we even got to witness in person Asher Hong with Stanford complete a super difficult vault in competition for the first time ever, it is one of the most difficult vaults being done in the world today and it was amazing to watch. We headed back home very late that evening and Paxton was asleep in the car before we even got on the high way. It was a great weekend and fun to just have some time with Leighton and Paxton.