Auditions and First Gym Meet 2023….

This past weekend was busy for 3 of the boys. On Saturday Caedmon had an audition for the summer intensive program at Colorado Ballet. Last summer he did their Young Dancer’s Workshop for a total of 4 weeks and enjoyed it, this year he is eligible for the summer intensive. Clint took him to the audition because I was working as the gymnastics meet doctor and Caedmon did great. I texted Clint after he got Caedmon dropped off and asked if Caedmon was nervous, Clint texted back that Caedmon wasn’t but he was! I asked why Clint was nervous and he said the whole thing seemed really intimidating. After reassuring Clint that they weren’t going to make him dance I had to laugh at the amount of confidence that Caedmon has, nothing seems to deter him, we could all use a little bit of that. He said it went well afterwards and there were 3 other boys in his audition room which made him really excited. Then on Sunday both Paxton and Leighton had their first gym meet of the season. Paxton was up first, this is his second year as a level 3 and it showed as he ended up taking first in his age division on pommel, rings, and high bar and then second on floor, vault and parrallel bars. He ended up first as all around too and came home with 7 heavy medals. Leighton did great as well, while he only placed in all around, he conquered a few new skills. One of those new skills was giants on high bar, he fell off twice attempting them in the competition and with everyone cheering him on was able to make it finally which was a huge confidence booster. It’s early in the season and there’s some fine tuning that needs to happen but it’s fun to see how much he’s grown. Looking forward to a great gymnastics season and also watching Caedmon continue to grow in dance.