Teeth Adventures….

Teeth seem to be the thing lately that keeps us on our toes. A few months ago Paxton finally started to get his first permanent teeth. The problem was that they grew in behind his bottom front teeth. So he had two very nice rows of teeth. And so we started calling him “shark boy” because of his two rows of teeth which he thought was funny. In fact during our last routine visit with the dentist I was warning her as she checked each kid about his shark teeth and when she finally got to him she said “oh my, that’s probably the worst I’ve seen”. Which is not something you want to hear as a parent. Paxton is tiny and his mouth is even smaller and he did not get his teeth in the right order and there is definitely no room for any of his big teeth to come it. So after consulting with the orthodontist the decision was made to remove the four bottom teeth to make room for the two that have grown it. Unfortunately there won’t be room for the next 2 that need to come in and no one seems to know what the next step is….but we’ll see. So right before we went in to get his 4 teeth pulled Paxton managed to bump one of them and knocked one out on its own…..if only he’d been able to do that with all 4……But he did great getting the other 3 removed and enjoyed listening to an audio book during the procedure. He wasn’t so sure about his lip being numb for a bit afterwards but he did great. And now he is no longer “shark boy”. And literally within a few days of that, one of Edric’s teeth that they had to rebuild after his knocking out of permanent teeth randomly broke off. I suspect that maybe it became weak after getting his root canals for those teeth a few months ago. Nevertheless he had to make a quick trip back to the dentist to get his tooth rebuilt. And at this point I think i may just start direct depositing my paycheck at the dentist…or maybe split it between the dentist and orthodontist because that’s our next stop over the next few years with all of them as well……Oh joy….at least none of them have cavities thanks to all the brushing I make them do…..