Blanket Making….

Every year the kids draw names to get gifts for one of their siblings. This year however they decided to change things up and instead make blankets for some people that we serve at the community kitchen. I had made them each large fleece blankets a couple of years ago for Christmas and they love those blankets. So last week when we were out of school we headed to the fabric store to pick our material. Coppelia really wanted to make her blanket with unicorns and rainbows and Paxton was pretty sure our homeless friends would want a blanket with construction trucks on it but I was able to convince them to steer more towards plaid material. Then they each worked with me pinning their material and then on the sewing machine sewing them together. They were so proud of the blankets that they made and when we went to the community kitchen on Friday evening to serve the meal they put their blankets on the shelves to give away. I don’t even think the blankets lasted 5 minutes on the shelves and as we were driving home that evening they all told me that they saw people grab their blankets and they were glad they could help keep some people warmer and comfortable this winter.