Running up Hills….

And sometimes I decide to do crazy things and sign up for 30K races (18 miles for those not in the metric system) with 4000 feet of elevation gain. In reality it’s a lot more of power hiking up the big hills than actually running them. I guess maybe the people in the front manage to run up the hills but I’m not sure how, they are probably super human, I’m just a busy mom who is an ER doc and I run daily but I’m limited by life and time and reality. And I’m never anywhere close to the front, I run in the back of the pack. But despite the terrible hills it was a gorgeous race and I managed to complete it even if I walked funny for a number of days afterwards. The best part was of course my cheering section at the end who had spent the morning playing at the park near the finish line. And to top it off I got to meet up with my college friend Annie and enjoy lunch with her afterwards. So will I do it again? Of course, I’m already signed up for another 30K in October, this time though Clint’s going to be running it with me.