Backpacking 2022

Monday the 8th found us all with big bags strapped to our backs making our way up 1200 feet of over 3 miles to a back country camp site deep in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was the 3rd time we have stayed at this site and it is a family favorite. Probably because of the nearby river to play in. The hike up wasn’t easy but we all made it, even if it did mean I hiked on ahead and dropped my pack and went back to carry Paxton and Coppelia’s packs the last half mile or so. Everyone helped set up camp, and all the kids claimed one tent and so Clint and I got our own tent for once. We played a lot in the river. On the second day we were up and going in the chilly air but quickly packed up for what ended up being a 10 mile hike to a beautiful lake and waterfall with 2000+ feet of elevation gain. We were all tired after that but still had a great late afternoon and evening playing in the stream. On Wednesday we packed everything back up and headed down. Paxton insisted on bringing all his sticks with him down the mountain, and I’m pretty sure one of them was at least as big as he was, I told him he was in charge of carrying his own sticks and so we managed to strap them all in to his backpack. It was a great few days outside and away from everything. And plenty of smiles and laughs by all.