Summer Ballet….

Caedmon did a lot of dancing this summer. He spent 4 weeks, 2 in June and 2 at the end of July at Colorado Ballet in Denver in their Young Dancer’s Workshop. It was a lot of driving to Denver and we spent many hours and days at the zoo or museum while he was dancing. But he learned a ton and had a great time. I think his favorite day was during the last week and they got to go into the professional studio and watch the company dance, as he told me “Mommy over half were guys and they jumped really really high and it was cool”. I think that was the highlight of the time for him. On the last day they showed off their work for the parents, during June they learned part of Swan Lake and in July they did Don Quixote. He may have been the only boy in his group but he did an amazing job. Then he started right off in August with rehearsals for Centennial State Ballet’s Garden Party which highlights the incoming seniors and the alumni. It was all done to swing music which was a lot of fun. The audience even got a chance to join in and do some swing dancing too. He’ll start his first year at the advanced level this next week and he is very excited. He’s also excited because our good friend who is an amazing seamstress is making him some tights in “boy colored” (what he calls cameo) material and he can’t wait to wear them. It will be another good year of dance.