Glacier 1/2 Marathon and Stanton Lake Hike

On the Saturday of our trip I ran the Glacier Half Marathon. It was an early morning as I had to catch the shuttle to the start between 4&5, so we loaded the kids up still in their pjs with blankets and Clint drove and dropped me off and then took everyone back to the Airbnb for some more sleep. Meanwhile I met a sweet girl in line for the shuttles and Anna and I started talking and then stuck together for the entire race. She is a PT from Alabama and was in Glacier enjoying a late honeymoon. She was a great running partner too because we had quite the hill to climb for the first 5 miles that just kept going. I know I ran it better running with her than I would have on my own. The views along the course were amazing and my phone did not do them any justice. There was a bear on the side of the course about 20-30 yards ahead of us but by the time we got up there he had scampered back in the trees and bush. Our race finished on the lawn of East Glacier Inn which was gorgeous. Clint and the kids weren’t at the finish when I arrived but they arrived about 30 minutes later and were very excited to help eat my goodie bag and take photos with me. We loaded up and headed towards Missoula but stopped and hike along the south side of Glacier Park in the Flathead National Forest. It was a great easy hike even though it started out a little steep for my tired legs. The kids all carried various binoculars and used them many times along the way, even when we were deep in the forest and there was nothing to see. Stanton Lake was beautiful. We made our way down and then drove to Missoula.