Ballet Weekend….

We had a weekend full of ballet. Caedmon and Coppelia were both in Don Quixote, or since no one could pronounce that properly “Donkey” as it became known in our house. Clint and my parents and the other kids came and watched for the Saturday show and enjoyed it. Caedmon and Coppelia put together flowers for their friends with little notes for the final show on Sunday. When we got to the theater on Sunday there was a set of horse trailers and Coppelia was so excited to go see the horses. Caedmon on the other hand told me “mommy I need to go in and get ready to dance”, so he headed in and Coppelia went to pet the horses. Coppelia loves all the girls but especially two of the seniors who have been her big buddies throughout the season and she was excited that she got to take them flowers. Not many sports/activities in todays world allow kindergartners to participate right along side high school seniors and become good friends. Coppelia has already told me that she is making cookies for Miss Abby when she goes to college and going to mail them to her. She is going to miss Miss Abby and Miss Hannah for sure. There was a guest dancer from California that danced the part of the main male character and Caedmon was excited to dance with him and watch him. Caedmon told him that he wants to be a professional dancer too. We were all very tired in the end but it was so much fun watching all the hard work that all the kids had put in come together.