Edric is 9!

On Saturday we celebrated Edric turning 9. He was up at 5:45 because he was so excited. So he rode his bike around the block with Clint and I while we went for a run and everyone else slept. He was very excited to open his presents and it took awhile for his siblings to finally wake up so he could do that. He got some lego train tracks and a book on how to build different lego trains as well as some books and a remote control boat that goes in the water. He spent the morning playing and then the afternoon at his siblings’ ballet but then we got to celebrate and have a party. He invited a family that we have gotten to know well over the past year and have 4 kids and we met them and my parents at a park after the ballet show. The kids played and played and everyone enjoyed pizza and cookies and gifts and the sunshine. It was a great birthday and it has been so much fun watching him grow this past year. Edric has a huge heart and is so kind to everyone.