Coppelia has been very interested in horses lately and has been checking out books from the library to read about them. We have a friend from church who owns a horse and I had talked with her about coming to see her horse one day and we were able to make that happen last week. I didn’t tell Coppelia what we were doing until right before and she was very excited. Luckily the boots I got fit her and she has room to grow in them. Clementine was the name of the horse and Coppelia was not shy or timid at all, she walked right up and petted her and fed her, She learned how to brush her and clean out her shoes and check for rocks. Despite the photo of Clementine looking at Coppelia with funny eyes Clementine was very calm and great with her and let her feed her and pet her and do all the things. She was very excited to ride Clementine and lead her around the arena. It was a really fun afternoon and she is looking forward to the next time she gets to visit and ride Clementine.