Leighton’s Regional Meet….

I’m a few weeks behind in posting, but at the beginning of April Leighton wrapped up his gymnastics season with his Regional meet. It was an early morning start but he was very excited and did really well. It has been a growing year for him, his first year at level 7 and the first year on the pommel and going over the vault and doing some big skills on the other events. He didn’t place real high on events and missed qualifying for Westerns (all the states west of the Mississippi) but just 4 places but he was really proud of how he did as were we all. He has set his goals on making it to Westerns next year and is working hard on new skills already. His siblings got a little antsy in between his events so I took them out to behind the building and we had running and jumping and skipping races to help get some of that energy out and make everyone giggle. It was a fun morning for all and I’m glad we all got to be there to cheer him on.