New Floors….

It took a lot, but after 2 weeks were successfully got our old floor out and the new floor down and in and everything cleaned. Everyone pitched in and helped and my parents were a huge help, with my dad’s knowledge and hard work and my mom helping drive kids to activities, making sure we all got lunch and dinner each day, and keeping the kids busy. We could not have done what we did without their help. And the kids were all great helpers and learned a lot in the process along the way. We had long 14 hour days for most of the two weeks and all our hands were pretty beat up in the end. I’m ok if it’s a very long time before I see another piece of concrete backer board and I’m pretty sure Clint doesn’t want to see any thin set concrete for a long while. Or have to cut another piece of tile. We did a great job of keeping everything straight and in line and I am very very pleased with how it all turned out. We still have the edging to do, but we will sand and stain sections of that as time goes on. I am really really pleased with how it turned out and it is better than I was hoping it would. But I think all of us are glad the project is over and we can go back to semi-normal life again…..