First Lost Tooth!

Last week Coppelia lost her first tooth! Well her first tooth that she was suppose to and that didn’t get knocked out….She was so excited all week long when she discovered that she had a loose tooth. She kept working on it with her tongue and finally on Saturday while she was washing her hands her tooth fell out. She put it in a bag for the tooth fairy. Coppelia was a little hesitant and asked many questions about the tooth fairy and how she would get in and how big she was and I’m not so sure she was convinced that the tooth fairy was a good thing. However the next morning she was quite happy with her new quarters so I think it was ok then. It will still be a few years I think before the top teeth start to grow back in, but before long I think she may have more holes than she has teeth. Paxton has not lost any teeth yet and he is a little bothered by that, but he got his teeth so late that he has plenty of time, and as the dentist keeps saying, his mouth is so small he doesn’t have any room for any permanent teeth so the longer the baby teeth stay in and give him a chance to grow the better.