Christmas Tree 2021….

Our Christmas tree was done in two parts this year. We headed up the mountain the day after Thanksgiving to find a tree. The sun was out but there was a chilly breeze. I expected it to take a good while for everyone to decided on a tree but the reality was that I’m pretty sure it took longer for everyone to put on their boots than to decide on the tree. Last year they took way longer. But they were happy with their choice, Paxton actually just wanted a big stick and made sure that we loaded his stick up with the tree. I had to then work Friday afternoon so after Clint and my dad got the tree standing upright we had to postpone decorating it. We spent Sunday evening after the Sugar Plum Tea Party decorating it and my parents were a huge help as well. Leighton and my dad worked on getting strands of lights to work….they all worked last year when I packed them away but this year a number didn’t want to work. While Clint and Paxton (who had at least 3 screwdrivers in his pants) put lights on the tree the rest of us decorated the railings and such. Then everyone helped out with the ornaments and did a good job of spreading them out and after a bit of a discussion, not arguing about who got to climb the ladder and step stool. In the end the tree was gorgeous and they all did a great job.