A Birthday Warrior Princess….

Coppelia’s birthday was on August 21st and she has been telling us for months what she wants and if anyone ever questions if Coppelia has an opinion on anything I promise you she has an opinion on EVERYTHING. So early the morning of her birthday she opened her gifts from Clint and I (and the other kids) which was a pink sparkly horse, glitter headbands and a set of books that have a Korean girl as their main character. Later in the day she had her first ballet class during which she of course wore her birthday headband and took popsicles to the rest of her ballet class. When she got home she opened the gifts from Clint’s parents and they were a light up unicorn and a magnetic board that she has been using in speech that she loves to play with that is similar to paint by number but with foam magnetic tiles. That evening we actually had a swim party hosted by our church as an outreach at a local outdoor pool. She was pretty convinced everyone was there just for her. Everyone did sing “Happy Birthday” for her at the end so that made her really smile. We celebrated the rest of her birthday on Monday with my parents and she chose shrimp for her birthday dinner and fresh peach cobbler. For the last few months she has been saying that she wants a “Korean Warrior Princess” costume with a sword. My mom decided to make it for her and took her a few weeks before to pick out the material. I can’t say she picked out the most fierce material there was, but I’m quite terrified now of all warriors that wear rainbows and unicorns. She took her swords and quickly challenged all her brothers to a sword fight in the yard and was so proud of her costume. Happy 6th birthday Coppelia, you are rough and tumble with lots of sparkles thrown in!