Olympic Trials Day 2….

On Saturday we headed downtown fairly early after a short run/walk through the park. We explored the Gateway Arch National Park in more details and went through the museum that they have set up about the west and explorations. It was a great museum with lots of interactive displays and I think we all learned something. Due to all things COVID the tickets for the tram to the top of the arch that I attempted to get weeks ago were sold out, but they were also limiting people to only 10 minutes at the top which didn’t seem like it would be long enough. So instead we booked tickets to ride a riverboat up and down the Mississippi River which was very relaxing. Afterwards we headed down to grab sandwiches and then to stand in line for the meet. There were a lot more people in the audience for the second meet, we again had great seats though. We were located in the 3rd row right behind the start for the vault and could see the whole floor. The meet was again fascinating. At the end of the meet there was a pause so the selection committee could decide who would be on the Olympic Team. It felt tense because we knew that many of the guys would not see their dreams come true. We moved over for a better view of the floor where they were going to announce the team. Leighton had picked who he thought would be on the team weeks ago and when they made the final announcement he was so excited that he had guessed right on all of them. He tried to get signatures again after the conclusion but there were many many people also trying and unfortunately after waiting 45 minutes the security guards and those in charge sent everyone out of the building. Leighton was pretty disappointed, but really enjoyed the meet nonetheless. We walked back to the arch to buy our coffee mug to add to our collection of national park mugs and it started raining. By the time we finished buying it it was pouring rain and we made a quick jog to the subway station. We ended up jogging most of the 1.6 miles from the subway station to our condo that we were renting because it was still raining but we had a good time. It was an amazing trip and super great to spend some really focused time with Leighton.