Hot Chocolate Bombs….

Sometimes best intentions don’t necessarily play out. I had heard about hot chocolate bombs from my Bible Study group and after looking them up decided we should try and make some. I thought we’d make a bunch and then mail them with our family Christmas gifts this year. It was good plan but because I know nothing about tempering chocolate if we had in fact been able to mail them they would have ended up gooey messes with melted chocolate and hot cocoa powder every where. The other issue that we had is that despite thinking that I had put dehydrated marshmallows in our amazon cart I had in fact not (I also did the same thing with Paxton’s Christmas present but luckily remembered that in time), so because everyone is making hot chocolate bombs when I did figure out that I didn’t have them ordered the only ones left were cereal marshmallows which I decided would work just fine (which they did). So we spent two evenings working together and by the end had a pretty good system down but because of my lack of chocolate tempering skills meant that we were running them back to the freezer in between each stage. They are definitely not the prettiest around but we had a lot of fun making them and hopefully for the friends and family that we can hand deliver them too they end of tasting good. It was a lot of fun and a fun way to spend the evenings.