More Fishing….

Saturday afternoon after we got back from Ruby Jewel hike/lake it was still early enough in the afternoon that we headed back down to Michigan Reservoir and spent some time fishing. we caught a number of fish that afternoon and I believe that we did because it was so hazy from all the smoke the fish thought it was dusk. Leighton was a good big brother and helped get Caedmon’s line set up with the same lure system that he had on his pole and together they caught a few fish. Paxton was quite insistent that he get a chance to use Clint’s rod and so together they used that and caught a fish and his eyes were so bright and smile huge when he caught a fish. I didn’t try to catch a fish but one of the kids would ask me to toss their line out because I could cast it farther than they could and I would inevitably land a fish. It was funny. The smoke was really bad that afternoon but we still had a great time. When we made it back to the yurt while Clint and I cooked chili the kids played in the stick teepee behind the yurt. Sunday morning we packed and cleaned everything up pretty fast and then headed back for some more fishing. The fish were really biting again that morning which was lots of fun. Coppelia was the only one that didn’t catch a fish, but I think that was because she spent the majority of her time either tied and tangled up in her line or playing in the sand along the shore. In the end I actually ended up catching the most which I totally rubbed in and took great pride in. But everyone had fun.