Ruby Jewel Hike and Lake

On Saturday morning we woke up and had a good hearty breakfast of oatmeal and hot chocolate. It was chilly outside and in the yurt but we got everything cleaned up and then started up the trail towards Ruby Jewel Lake. The kids packed their fishing poles as well to fish at the lake when we made it up there. The day was beautiful, there was a little haze from the smoke but it was clearer than it had been. The hike was steep, in the course of the 3 miles to the lake we climbed nearly 3000 feet. Finally we reached the top and had the high alpine lake all to ourselves. We ate some lunch and fished and had a good time just enjoying it all. Edric caught a really nice trout and he was so proud of himself. The wind picked up after a bit and it got pretty chilly. We started back down and it was definitely more smokey on the way down than it had been going up. Everyone did great though!